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I Need Your Love – Is That True?: How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead

The mind is a powerful tool that can help us along our way or hold us back with negative thinking.  When our mind becomes flooded with destructive thoughts our life is in turn interpreted in a manner. When we believe that we are unworthy of love, respect or kindness we begin to look for things in our lives that will validate these ideas we have of ourselves.

You don’t have to believe everything you think and Byron Katie does a beautiful job of challenging the thought process in her book  I Need Your Love – Is That True.      Her book is an easy read and her techniques can be applied to any area of your life where you may be struggling were it be work, family or your marriage.

Her down to earth nature and straight to the point manner makes her material easy read and understand.  Some of her quotes provide great inspiration. Quotes such as….


“Placing the blame or judgment on someone else leaves you powerless to change your experience; taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them”


“It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine”


“As long as you think that the cause of your problem is “out there”—as long as you think that anyone or anything is responsible for your suffering—the situation is hopeless. It means that you are forever in the role of victim, that you’re suffering in paradise.”
Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

“A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”
Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

I Need Your Love - Is That True?: How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead

For Yourself : The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality

Ever woman should know what she wants in bed and how to communicate it to her partner.  Many women I work with have never exercised their sexual voice and just go along with what happens during sex. They leave their sexual response in the hands of their partners- waiting and hoping that whom ever they are with will stumble upon that magic combination that will lead to explosive ecstasy. 

One can wait along time to have an orgasm if they are passively hanging around for someone else to do the job for them.  Besides it is not someone else’s responsibility to give you an orgasm. I often find that one can put the responsibility on their boyfriend, girlfriend or husband. If you don’t know what turns you on and are willing to explore the possibilities how can you expect your partner to be able to figure it out.

The book, For Yourself, talks about women’s sexual concerns just like these and this is just one reason I am recommending this itbook- For Yourself : The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality.  Although it was written for women who have difficulty experiencing an orgasm I believe any women can get something out of reading this book.

If you are a women who is pre-orgasmic this book is definately one you should try on for size.




The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself


The Untethered Soul

By: Michael Singer

Why  I recommend this book: There are so many things this book can offer someone but if I had to choose just one reason I found this book  useful it would have to be the way it talked about our thoughts.  Too often our minds run wild and out of control without us giving it a sound look.

We give our thoughts more credit and energy than they desire. We trust our mind and what it tells us without question even though it’s constantly contradicting itself.

You don’t have to believe everything you think. In fact, many times it may help to not believe what our minds mutter on about. “You’re not good enough”, “He doesn’t love you”, “You don’t look good in that” are all common phrase we hear in our heads that we could do with out.

This book addresses how we give our thoughts, good and bad, too much power.  It talks about how to get out of you mind and into the present moment.

Image Courtesy of New Harbinger Publications, Inc

Book: A Return to Love

A Return to Love

By: Marianne Williamson

A Return to Love book

As someone who has no religious affiliation, this is a great book for atheist, agnostics, non-believer, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or what ever you may be. I start off saying this because there are a number of references to God in this book that may cause non-Christians to put it down.


I felt this book offered great direction on not only how to live a better life, but also how to find peace in the life that you are living.  This book offers an unusual way of looking at love and intimacy that I find empowering. If you are religious it may help you find great meaning in your faith, and if you are a non-believer you may find an idea of God/presence/consciousness that makes sense for you.