Services / Rates

Couples Counseling Session - (50 min) $150

In couples counseling the therapist assists the couple with working thru a variety of different challenges which may include but are not limited to gridlock arguments, forgiveness, moving past hurtful experiences or even divorcing from a better place.

It is not uncommon for the therapist to suggest individual counseling for both partners engaged in couples counseling in addition to their couples sessions.

Individual Counseling Session - (50 min) $150

Personal counseling sessions are customized to fit the unique needs of the client. Great care is given to meet each individual where they are at that moment. There is no judgment or set pace, but rather the client sets the tempo for how therapy proceeds.

Pre-marital Counseling Package - (250 min) $600

The Pre-marital Counseling Package is an intensive 5 session series. At the beginning of the series the couple will complete the custom relationship inventory Prepare and Enrich.

Over the 5 sessions that follow, the inventory results are interpreted for the couple and areas of growth are addressed. The couple will learn where their areas of strength and growth lie as well as how to handle potential issues that may arise in their up coming union.