The Run Away Horse Story: You never know what will come out of any situation

There once was a farmer whose horse ran away. When the farmer’s neighbor found out about the runaway mare he told the farmer it was too bad that his horse ran away. The farmer replied to his neighbor, “You never know”.


The next day the farmer’s horse returned followed by a beautiful stallion. The neighbor again came to the farmer and told him how lucky he was to now have another horse. To this the farmer replied, “You never know”.


One day when the farmer’s son was out riding the stallion when he fell off and broke his leg. The neighbor told the farmer how sorry he was for the farmer and his son. The farmer replied, “You never know”.


The week following the boys broken leg the army came by recruiting men to fight and because of the son’s broken leg he was not recruited. Hearing the news the neighbor came by to congratulation the farmer to which the farmer replied, “You never know”.


This is a funny little story but it can offer some insight into how we can learn to accept good and bad situations in our lives without judgement. Too often we assume we know what is best for us but in truth we never know what lies ahead.


Too often things that we perceive as negative occurrences are prerequisites for things to come. What one perceives as “bad” might actually be working to clear the path for better things not yet seen.


The most beautiful things can come out of hurt, pain and despair. Whatever you are experiencing, whether it’s joyous and exciting or hurtful and scary, don’t get too attached to it because every experience is only just passing through.