Divorce Therapy Services

With the divorce rate where it is, there are a large number of people who are faced with the struggle of this dramatic change and life experience. It is becoming more common for individuals to seek divorce therapy, which offers an outside perspective. Such specialized therapy helps individuals grow from the experience of divorce, in turn enabling them to make better decisions for themselves and their relationships in the future.

The end of one’s marriage is one of the most stressful experiences an individual will go through in their lifetime. Whether you are the one who made the decision to leave the relationship or are the one being left, it is to be expected that the any individual going through the divorce process will experience a number of emotions. Even the most amicable divorces can bring with them feelings of guilt, depression, anger, disappointment, embarrassment, tension and uncertainty.

Why Seek Therapy After a Divorce or Breakup?

There are a many reasons why people seek counseling during a divorce. Some will speak to a therapist in hopes to obtain clarity on whether they should leave an unhappy relationship or stay to work through problems that arise. Therapists work with individuals contemplating divorce by helping them to rule out other factors that could potentially be contributing to their current dissatisfaction. Those who have already made the decision to leave a marriage will seek the guidance of a therapist, in order to make the transition a less bitter process.

It is common for adults to see the end of their marriage as a personal failure. They often struggle with feelings of shame if their religious or personal beliefs object to divorce. This will lead the individual to feel consumed by negative feelings and thoughts. Counseling will help one make sense of their state of affairs by adding a fresh perspective.

Children add another dimension of stress to a divorce. The act of ending a marriage is difficult on children, but the conflict between two parents can be even more damaging. Divorce therapy will assist in transitioning from parenting as a married couple to co-parenting as divorced parents.