After an Affair

There is an accepted model of thinking, wherein people believe that (1) if they are faithful and (2) are a reasonably good partner then their partner will not cheat. Unfortunately, nothing guarantees that a couple will avoid the impact of infidelity. Many relationships are affected by cheating.

Most individuals assume that an affair could never happen to them: their marriage is built on a sturdy foundation; they share common interests and appreciate one another’s unique qualities. Most married individuals report a belief that their significant other would never cheat. But, the truth of the matter is that good people cheat, great relationships can experience infidelity, and there is hope after an affair.

Why Seek Counseling After an Affair?

Infidelity can shake a relationship to its core and brings a number of previously avoided concerns to the forefront. Both the cheating partner and the one who has been cheated on may feel overwhelming emotions and begin to question their self-worth.

Counseling after an affair can help a couple make sense of the situations, how it started and the roles that both partners played in the infidelity. Often times the discovery of the betrayal forces couples to confront the issues they have been avoiding for quite sometime. Therapy can help a couple tackle concerns that have been avoided for year and assist them not only in healing from the affair but in building stronger relationship for the future.