Living Single

It could be argued that one of the most important things we must learn before having a successful relationship with another is learning how to have a successful relationship with ourselves. It is very common to hear people lament about how their lover is mistreating them, harsh words that were used or the level of disrespect that is shown, but often times the way we treat, talk to and respect ourselves is much worse than anything our partner would ever think about doing.

Relationships are not always safe havens for wayward souls. If one doesn’t learn to respect and care for themselves they cannot expect the same from their relationships.

Learning to be comfortable being single is of utmost importance. When we are comfortable being single and learn to accept, value, and love ourselves we begin to value that same respect from others. Being comfortable with ourselves means we see a relationship as a way to enhance an already satisfying life and a means of sharing the richness we have found in life with another individual instead of looking for someone to fill a void we perceive.

Counseling Services for Living Single

Counseling for living single may seam a bit odd at first glance- after all aren’t we brought into this world uncoupled and void of any relationship baggage? It would seem like living single would be a very natural act, but for many people it’s not.

Some feel social pressure to find a mate, because they feel the “clock is ticking”. Others feel lonely and fragile when they do not have a partner. And there are those who identify with the role they play when in a relationship that they have trouble adjusting to being single. All of these situations are just a few examples of why people seek out counseling for living single.

Therapy can help a person adjust to being single so they avoid getting back into an unhealthy relationship and can make better decisions about future mates. Being successfully single is not just a way that one can begin to feel comfortable in their own skin; it sets a foundation for characteristics and treatment we will and will not accept in our committed relationships.