Sex Therapy

A number of different questions spring to mind when the term “Sex Therapy” is mentioned at a cocktail party or networking event. Questions like…

• What is sex therapy?
• What type of people go to sex therapy?
• When does a couple need assistance from a sex therapist?

All of these questions are very valid concerns.

Normal everyday people and couples seek out sex therapy services to assist in a wide variety of sexual concerns. Sex therapy focuses on a very specific aspect of the relationship the same way cardiologist would focus on a specific area of the body. The therapy takes place in the manor that typical psychotherapy takes place. The apprehensions and issues are discussed with the therapist and the couple or individual is educated on possible causes and solutions for the concern.

Why Seek Sex Therapy?

Many couples struggle with their sexual connection. Over time the way the way a couple relates to one another can change. They assume they know their partners and begin to identify with the image of their lover that  their mind has created. They lose the true complexity of their intimate relationship. When couples relate to the image they have of their partner  and lose site of who their partner truly is sex becomes stagnant and distant. Routine takes place and  the personal connection is lost.

For a vast period of time many psychology experts believed that by improving the relationship, a couple’s sex life would consequently improve. However, research shows that when a relationship improves the sex does not always follow suit. Sex therapy will help a couple reconnect physically and help them identify a healthy sexual style that works for both individuals. There are a variety of sexual concerns that counseling addresses. Some of these concerns are pertinent to the couple, while others involve only one individual.

If you and your significant other are at a place where you want to move forward in working on the sexual aspect of your relationship, it is important to first realize that no one person is responsible for the sexual relationship. The responsibility for the intimacy of your sexual relationship is a concern for which both people need to be held accountable. Many couples will identify one person in the relationship as the reason for problematic sex. However, this is not productive. Furthermore, it is not helpful to the process of breathing life into a stalled sex life. Whether dealing with Erectile Dysfunction or low sexual desire it is a concern for the couple to work on. Sex counseling will help both partners to realize that in being active participants of their relationship, they must work to tackle their issues as a team.